The future perspective

In view of emergence of new ‘disruptive’ technology in the field of software engineering, while new jobs and opportunities may be created somewhere, some of the existing jobs and opportunities may also be simultaneously disappear elsewhere. The global delivery model, in it’s present form, which has been working fine in the last few years, may get threatened sooner or later by the upcoming technologies like Data Analytics, Internet of things, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, , Cloud Computing etc.

Elogix is fully aware of these emerging trends and possibilities and have been gearing itself relentlessly to meet these new challenges. While never losing sight of it’s core strength areas and continuing to consolidate them, the company has also taken serious account of the bigger picture, and is fully equipped to take up new challenges and effectively neutralize the impact of disruptive technologies by converting ‘disruptions’ into opportunities.

While continuously focusing on upgrading skillset, knowledge and knowhow in it’s core strength areas, namely Application lifecycle, Business and Consulting Services, Elogix is also open to diversify in new areas ( e.g. Data Analytic, Cloud Computing etc.) in the coming years.