IT Staff Augmentation

In these days of dynamically changing business scenarios, optimization of people and other resources is the key behind business success. With the lifespan of technologies drastically reducing and numerous technologies evolving on a day-to-day basis, identifying, training and retaining the right resources have become the biggest challenges for organizations.

As an alternative to the Offshore Development Centre model, Elogix also works with the clients in augmenting their teams at their captive work-stations. We keep open the option and convenience of getting hired as consultants on contractual basis. In this scenario, ESPL team members work under the supervision of the client, and adhere to the processes, protocol and policies followed at the captive workstation.

Our staff augmentation team has expert knowledge in the tech industry and in the specific employment market, in sync with the client’s needs. It helps and supports the client to find the right IT professionals, whether on an hourly, monthly or a long term basis. With the flexibility to help organizations seamlessly scale up or down, depending on their workflow, Elogix enables our clients to maximize their resources and leverage opportunities.

Some tangible benefits from partnering with Elogix:

  1. Experienced Architect & Project Management Support on a need-to, temporary, long term or dedicated basis, as per clients’ requirement.
  2. Flexibility to entertain requests for change of any personnel , within 1st week of deployment.
  3. Regular technical, process and organizational trainings provided to all personnel deployed at the client’s center.
  4. Regular monitoring of checkpoints to evaluate personnel performance, in conjunction with client leads and stakeholders.