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March, 2018

ESPL corporate magazine advertisement published in Silicon India, March issue.

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20th January, 2018

Snippets of Elogix staff and family freaking out with fun and frolic in the annual mega picnic organised by the company at Anjali kunja, Baruipur.

15th January, 2018

Elogix members cheering up and showcasing their versatile talent in diverse areas of music, drama and craft, during the foundation day celebration.

December, 2017

Elogix Software is nominated as one of the top '10 most promising product outsourcing companies' in India. The only company from West Bengal and eastern India to reach this milestone.

An elite panel of industry experts, along with the editorial board of Silicon India, a reputed Bangalore-based Business magazine, after carrying out a comprehensive evaluation have listed Elogix in this prestigious directory, identifying top 10 leading companies (Elogix featuring among them), offering exemplary services in the industry, in 2017.

Following is the statement of the expert committe,also comprising Silicon India editorial team:
"The organizations listed are the ones which have distinguished themselves through successful ideation and implementation of practical ideas that compliment with the marketing requirements as well as cater to the end consumers."

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22th December, 2017

Recently, Elogix organised an interactive workshop on “Empathy and its positive impact” for its staff members. The workshop was conducted by eminent trainers Mr Suman Ghosh and Mr Avik Chanda. The trainers themselves have authored the book “From Command to Empathy” (to be released shortly).

The workshop focussed on the following subjects :

  • The connection between empathy and leadership.
  • The role of emotional enablement to help meet business goals.
  • The role of empathetic approach to management in improving employee involvement and productivity, specially under emerging conditions of increased stress levels, competitiveness and longer working hours, of the new millennium.
  • The onus of creating an emotionally mature company culture , within and beyond the purview of the top management.

The workshop turned out to be vibrant, thought-provoking and substantially enriching for all those who participated. It enabled the participants to :

  • Understand the essence of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Realise and articulate the importance of EQ
  • Understand the Barriers to EQ
  • Understand and apply the '4' States of Being
  • Create a personalized Action Plan.

28th Nov, 2017

TOI covers Elogix as one of the upcoming Software development company based out of Kolkata, holding substantial promise for the future .

See what Times Of India has to say about Elogix . (TOI Kolkata, Pg 16 - 28th Nov,2017)

14th April, 2017

Colourful moments. Elogix members celebrate Poila Boisakh, the Bengali New year, an event signifying the rich socio-cultural tradition of Bengal.

7th November, 2016

A memorable event. Inauguration of Elogix's independently owned state-of-the-art office building at Newtown, with 10000+ capacity.