Professional Services

The complexity of today's rapidly changing marketplace has generated the need for offerings that integrate advisory services to technology and analytics. Elogix is aware of this and has aligned it’s services accordingly.

Elogix approach for professional services:

  1. Identify areas of process improvement and re-engineering
  2. Implement process improvements and generate value to business
  3. Integrate processes to tools and technology and produce additional and unexpected benefits for clients

Other Services

Elogix provides end-to-end solutions to its clients. To cater to specific needs of the clients, it also provides the following services:

  1. Data Collection: Collection of a wide variety of data for various BPO & KPO related activities. Elogix also specializes in the online collection of MSDS.
  2. Data Preparation: Once the data is collected, it is processed and tabulated in the format as required by the client. The accuracy demonstrated by our professionals in data collection, processing and tabulation is 99%.
  3. Data Analysis: In- depth analysis of the data collected and prepared is also provided, depending on the client’s requirement. We provide detailed graphs and statistics for each set of data collected and prepared. Analysis is also done based on the parameters provided by our customers.
  4. In-house project execution with dedicated project teams and experienced team leaders.