Elogix has a proven range of software products for pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

Some of the software products developed, supported and exclusively marketed by Elogix in India , are used all over the world by Governments, Industries, Emergency Services, Military, Hospitals, Educational Institutions and Unions.

Many of these software products are designed to protect people, by minimizing risk and potential hazards. Through it’s time-tested system Elogix ensures full compliance with various international, Federal and Local regulations & updates, thus keeping our clients informed and appraised on new findings related to chemical products.

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Chemical Information Management System

Chemwatch Integrated Chemical Management System

Chemwatch Complete Supply Chain Solution

Chemwatch MSDS Authoring Engine

Reach Compliant Product And Features

OSHA Compliant Product And Features

Chemwatch CIMS Mobile App

Other Products

eAccounts – Workflow based Comprehensive accounting system with budgets

ePlantation - Web based ERP for plantations (Eg. Tea gardens)

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