Elogix offers one of the best IT Outsourcing services in Kolkata, India to create provisions for saving costs, reduce infrastructure investments, increase productivity and save time. With disruptions happening every time, companies in order to be competitive in market chose to outsource IT functions at offshore/onshore and nearshore locations. Outsourcing is one of the best way to find fitting solutions to scale current business functions. Many organizations have been already benefited by outsourcing as the later is a push factor of innovation. If done right, IT Outsourcing is the best way to get a software application developed by efficient talented IT professionals, at a lower cost than that of making it in-house. Elogix offers IT outsourcing services in followings ways:

Offshore Software Development Centre

The fierce competition and rising costs of doing business in western European, North American cities and certain other regions of world compel companies to look for opportunities beyond borders i.e going to an offshore location. Cannot hire the right local tech talent on time? Unhappy with high attrition rate on your in-house team? Scale your delivery capacity with dedicated developers and teams. Over the past decade, our customers succeed by leveraging Elogix’s process of building, motivating, and managing software development teams.

Skills, Expertise And Up-skill / Re-skill Hub For IT Offshoring

Kolkata, India has in close proximity a few world-class premier engineering institutions that provides the requisite skills essential for success in software engineering. Also, the Elogix development team has the niche skills and extensive experience in the latest technologies — IOT, Blockchain, and more due to our constant endeavour to up-skill / re-skill the developers. Cost of hiring SW developers is comparatively very high in western countries especially in USA and Europe. Hence companies chose India and other Asian countries where they can hire efficient developers for their software development projects.

Customize Offshore Software Development Teams

Every company is different and so are their business needs. Keeping in mind the complexities of every business, the IT team composition can be tailor-made to suit the requirements of client. Elogix boasts of recruiting developers with specific skill sets to meet the client’s requirements in every case. Finding talented IT professionals is challenging and Elogix tries their best to reduce this bottleneck by its efficient HR management.

Stability & Continuity Of Outsourced IT Services

Elogix has a low attrition rate as compared to the industry at large. We at Elogix painstakingly nurture each and every individual to ensure their growth and well-being. This in turn ensures continuity to the team and assures the client of quality work in the long run.

Our Approach

To set-up an overseas development center (ODC), Elogix has a proven path that is followed. The steps are detailed below:

  • 1. Team Building

    • Model to follow for building the team will depend on the parameters to consider:
      • Skills requirement
      • Length of contract
      • Importance of cohesiveness with the client’s development team
    • Identify the key members of the Core Team:
      • Project Manager
      • Business Analyst
    • Type of employment options
      • Permanent long-term contracts
      • Contractors for a short period of time
  • 2. Infrastructure Plan

    • Equipment – Workstations, servers, peripherals and networking
    • Currently 50+ additional workstation available
    • Ensure scalability in near future
    • Elogix has currently 10k sq. ft. of office space and capacity to ramp-up 3 folds in their own office campus
    • High-speed internet connectivity available with adequate redundancy
  • 3. Governance

    • Setup Communication process
      • Meeting Schedule
      • Reporting
      • Personal Communication
    • Setup workflow
    • Setup management systems
    • Setup issue resolution and escalation process
  • 4. Types Of Activities Supported

    • Software development
    • Custom application development
    • Gathering requirements – could vary from independent to partially independent to fully performed by client
    • System Design
    • QA and Testing
    • Technical documentation
    • Remote System Administration
  • 5. Challenges

    • Intensive communication required due to large geographic distances; poor communication makes the ODC use resources inefficiently
    • Regular assessment of the ODC team is very necessary
    • Additional training may be required in client’s business domain
    • A mutual adjustment of processes is required to work out identical views acceptable by the client and the ODC vendor