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The Elogix story:

The story of Elogix began in 2000, just seventeen years ago. Since then it’s journey has been remarkable in reaching new destinations, meeting new challenges and transcending new frontiers. From an initial strength of only five professionals, today it has grown in strength to over 100 professionals. All through it has been a story of continuous growth, quantitative as well as qualitative, irrespective of ups and downs in the sector, nationally or globally.

Beginning as an Offshore development company with a couple of overseas clients, ESPL is today a trusted , multi-layered and matured high end consultancy house, specialized in multiple domains of information technology, providing IT, Advisory an Outsourcing services in niche domains to leading clients all over Europe, U.S.A., Australia and Asia.

Based out of, and always located in Kolkata, ESPL is one of the few home-grown software development houses to spread it’s footprint globally. Over years it has successfully provided software solutions and supports to complex and multiple requirements of a wide range of leading international and national clients.

Work culture and Work style:

Elogix has always believed in long term, evolving and maturing relationships between clients and it’s people. The professionals employed are the biggest assets and the company has always believed in it’s ability to provide an enjoyable experience to it’s people. With flexibility in resourcing, great opportunities for learning and adding value freely, Elogix believes in the quest and passion for excellence, even in the most adverse situations. The reason why Elogix work stations are always full of fun and excitement, grit and innovation.

Delivering Customer satisfaction:

The collective expertise across domains, pre-fabricated frameworks and a comprehensive, growing repository of tools, templates and accelerators, enable ESPL to deliver high value and quality with perfection and minimum risks. The engagement models of the company are dynamic, flexible, measurable, secure and customized to address the fast changing specific business needs of particular customers. The proven and time-tested track record of efficient project delivery, expertise in processes and technologies across industries, domains and geographies, make ESPL a natural partner of it’s clients.

The Elogix differential:

Elogix always inspired it’s people to refrain from acting as mere service providers. Instead it has always aspired to become it’s client’s partner of success, and motivated it’s work-force to share the same attitude. It’s uncompromising focus on improving expertise, skill-set, quality and perfection often provided solutions and results that even surprised the clients, providing satisfactions far beyond their expectations. This ability to surprise the clients with high quality performance and service is the key differential of ESPL, that helps it to stay ahead of time. The secret behind it’s rising growth curve for over a decade.