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7 reasons to join Elogix

An environment of open-mindedness and free exchange of ideas:

Nowhere else an innovative mind will find a work atmosphere so conducive to new ideas and tolerant towards innovative differences. Let’s thousands of ideas get wings to fly…that’s the ethos of Elogix, right from inception till today.The reason why every projects undertaken by Elogix members have seen success driven by fun and excitement.

Opportunity to learn and grow as a top professional:

In the profession of information technology, the objective, direction and interest area of an individual may shift during the course of one’s career. Elogix gives you the opportunity to grow in your desired path, in diverse areas of software technology. It never allows a member to stagnate and thereby languish in something, which one does not enjoy. It’s perfectly all right if someone switches tracks and still get to contribute. Elogix is there to extend all out support with open mind and flexibility, to support , help and guide the member to evolve as a top professional.

Where people count the most:

In Elogix mind comes first even before technology. People are the driving force, because without people technology is useless. Elogix always takes a look at the larger picture and thus focuses on educating and training the work force , to systematically upgrade their capability and skill-set. Career planning, growth and personal development of team members is the priority of Elogix. In Elogix every member grows along with the company and receives full support whenever it is solicited or required.

The core values:

Integrity, commitment , team spirit, love for fun, and humility are the five core values that Elogix represents and desires to be shared by each member of the work force.

Encouraging cultural diversity:

Elogix strongly believes in cultural diversity among members of it’s workforce. As it is Elogix handles a diverse global portfolio of clients, which helped it to evolve as a company with diverse capabilities and expertise in various fields of software technology and services. Even within it’s own workforce, Elogix strongly advocates, accommodates and encourages co-existence and interaction of diverse culture and viewpoints, because that helps everybody to mature and evolve with a broader perspective and vision.

Keeps you ignited from day one:

One may be a recently passed out rookie or a seasoned professional, in Elogix one never feels stagnated, because from day one there’s all out involvement for everyone in challenging projects and everyone has the opportunity to contribute as per his/her skill-set and experience. This helps everyone to feel useful, vibrant and charged up right from the beginning.

Striking the right human balance:

Never to lose the human touch even under stringent pressure is an integral part of Elogix work ethics and work culture. This ensures a healthy and sensible work-life balance, that inspires everyone to blend work with fun and compassion.