Elogix has worked, collaborated and partnered with some of the global leaders in their respective fields all over the world, namely Europe, U.S.A., Australia and Asia, including that of India. Our relationships with all these clients have grown over years and gradually evolved into deep bonding, trust and mutual respect.

In most cases Elogix started as a Service provider, but soon the clients started taking notice of the dedication, systematic approach and the extra efforts taken by the Elogix management and team-members, to come out with value additions and innovative solutions. These helped us to gain trust, confidence and more respect from our clients. Thus from mere Service providers Elogix started becoming the partner of choice for our clients. Elogix too learnt a lot from it’s clients and learnt fast to become part of multi-layered global work cultures and earned the ability to meet stringent global standards and expectations, with better poise and fluidity.

Today Elogix has a whole portfolio of global and national business leaders as it’s clients, in various fields of development, support services and marketing software products for them.. Following are some of the big names:


Nomura Research Institute

PricewaterhouseCoopers India


McLeod Russel


McNally Bharat Engineering Company Limited

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science

Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation



TM International Logistic Limited


Chattha Group

TCG Digital

Iswar Sankalpa

MBE Sayaji