Software Quality Management Process

Elogix has always been uncompromising in its focus on Quality of work. This has always been the TEMPLATE of the company and the heart and soul of its delivery system. Be it advisory services, building software or providing system support for our global clients, or quality management and check points, this template of quality-consciousness is deeply embedded into the system. This has always and consistently ensured high standards of delivery and products, coupled with minimum incidence of error, a fundamental principle of quality management.

Elogix has developed its own framework of validation across all processes and deliveries, covering all phases of work by applying its time-tested and ever evolving scientific methodologies.

A state of the art QA lab, along with certified QA professionals as integral part of the team, enables Elogix deliver bug-free product-works and software releases. Quality objectives are defined along with customization of testing methodologies, based on business requirements. This is ensured and made foolproof by way of collaborative planning with clients and stakeholders. The continuous Quality Monitoring & Improvement program identifies through project execution those application/product areas prone to potential failure, creating technical solutions for precautionary and remedial maintenance .

The Quality Management processes of Elogix comprise defect identification, performance, compatibility and security. Ensuring quality is intrinsically and directly linked to robust testing of deliverables and products. Through well-defined testing processes around Black-Box, Functional testing, White-Box, Integration testing and Regression testing, as and when applicable, defect identification is reinforced. For testing large volume of business data, tools for automation are developed and deployed. Test runs are carried and logged with comprehensive software product quality metrics data are being collected and presented to analyze quality of application/product.